Peter Noone 1982

Dodgin' The Dirt 1993

​Lesley West

'Paranormal' Alice Cooper 2017

In2ition 2013 2Cellos

Short Stories 2008

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Re mastered Issue CAR 2016

Berlin Live 2008

​Lou Reed DVD/CD

Walk Alone 1999

Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash

2016 - In The Company Of Clouds  (Erik Scott)

A Little Aint Enough 1991

David Lee Roth

Welcome To My Nightmare 1975

Alice Cooper

Telling Stories 2000

​Tracy Chapman

Detroit  ​Mitch Ryder1971

Before The Lights Go Out  2017

Devin Payne 1980

Aint It Good To Have It All

1975 Jim and Ginger

Fit For A King 1993

Tribute To Albert King

Hats Off To Stevie Ray

LA Blues Authority Vol 3 1993

Glass Heart 1976

Allan Rich



Alice Cooper Greatest Hits 1974

Rendez-Vous In Angel City

2006  Little Bob

Perspective 1996

​Jason Becker

Let It Rain 2002

Tracy Chapman

Erik Scott  2016

"Nobody goes there anymore it’s too crowded" Yogi Berra 

Hymns for Guitar 2008

Karla De Vito 1986

Night Of The Guitar 1989

The Deacon Speaks


Out Of The Storm 1974

Jack Bruce

Lou Reed Live 1975

The Manhatten Blues Project 2013

Car 1977 Peter Gabriel

Lace And Whisky 1977

Alice Cooper

Empty Spaces 2010

​Karen Ann Hunter

Berlin  Lou Reed 1973

Get Your Wings 1974



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Help Yourself 1991

​Julian Lennon

2021 -  Detroit Stories (Alice Cooper)

Your Filthy Little Mouth

1994 ​David Lee Roth

Goes To Hell 1976

Alice Cooper

Rock 'n' Roll Animal 1974

Lou Reed

'Triumphant Hearts' 

Jason Becker 2019

The Band Milwaukee Made Famous  1977 Bad Boy

2019 - Triumphant Hearts (Jason Becker)

Collection 2008

​Jason Becker

No More Mr Nice Guy Live

​2012 Alice Cooper

Tommy Tommy Tommy 2015

​Tommy Henriksen

Lollapalooza Live 2009

Lou Reed

Detroit Stories 2021

​Alice Cooper

The Best Of Flo And Eddie 1992

Velvet Tears 2016 Rue La Mer

Ghost On The Canvas 2011

Glen Campbell

Demure 2016 Rue La Mer

Night Flight 1978 Yvonne  Elliman

Greatest Hits Tracy Chapman


Don't Look Back 1980

Natalie Cole

The Alice Cooper Show 1977

Swept Away 1977

The Deacon 1988


2017 - Paranormal (Alice Cooper)

Billion Dollar Babies 1973

​Alice Cooper Group

Welcome 2 My Nightmare 2011

Alice Cooper

À croire que c'était pour la vie 

2007 Henry Padovani

The Rose 1980  Bette Midler

The H Factor 1989

Hollywood Be Thy Name 1975 ​Dr John

Tone Poems Live 2014