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​Main Photo By Alessandra Tootsie Tulli

David Lee Roth 'Your Filthy Little Mouth' 1994 


Your Filthy Little Mouth is the fourth full-length studio LP by David Lee Roth, the lead singer of the American rock band Van Halen. Released in 1994 by Warner Brothers-Reprise and produced by Nile Rodgers

The only track Steve played on and co wrote

A Little Luck

Track listing

"She's My Machine" (Monty Byrom, David Neuhauser, David Lee Roth) 
"Everybody's Got the Monkey" (Frank Simes, Joey Hunting, Roth) 
"Big Train" (Terry Kilgore, Roth, Joey Hunting, Preston Sturges)
"Experience" (Kilgore, Roth) 
"A Little Luck" (Eddie Anderson, Steve Hunter, Roth) 
"Cheatin' Heart Cafe" (Kilgore, Roth) 
"Hey, You Never Know" (Kilgore, Roth) 
"No Big 'Ting" (Kilgore, Roth) 
"You're Breathin' It" (Richard Hilton, Kilgore, Roth) 
"Your Filthy Little Mouth" (Kilgore, Roth)
"Land's Edge" (Kilgore, Roth) 
"Night Life" (Walt Breeland, Paul Buskirk, Willie Nelson) 
"Sunburn" (Kilgore, Roth) 
"You're Breathin' It" [Urban NYC Mix] (Kilgore, Roth) 


David Lee Roth: Lead Vocals
Travis Tritt: Co-Lead Vocals on "Cheatin' Heart Cafe"
Terry Kilgore: Guitar
John Regan: Bass
Tony Beard: Drums
Larry Aberman: Drums
Ray Brinker: Drums
Steve Hunter: Guitar on "A Little Luck"
Richard Hilton: Keyboard
Gary Tole: Recording and Mixing Engineer
Mike Thompson: Assistant Engineer