Karen and Steve recorded Empty Spaces between living in Prescott, AZ and Nashville, TN. It took them about a year to write and record, Steve produced, engineered and played all the tracks.

He calls this a woman's album after asking Karen to write about things and emotions she felt as a mother, daughter and wife. 

​It is very gentle and ethereal with Steve layering many different instruments to achieve that end. 

Karen Ann Hunter 'Empty Spaces'

If I Were You

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  • Butterfly Blue2:21


Butterfly Blue

​Main Photo By Alessandra Tootsie Tulli

Opening Track 'Whoops'

​Features Karen's two children when they were just 2 and 5 years old.

Track Listing

1. Whoops

2. Whatever

3. A Passing Thought

4. Butterfly Blue

5. Empty Spaces

6. Dreamy Day

7. If I Were You

8. Let Him Go

9. Old Chris

10. Take Me Home

11. Last Lullaby

Produced By Steve Hunter

Karen Ann Hunter© Copyright -

Karen Ann Hunter / Deaconrecords 
Genre: Folk: Folk-Jazz
Release Date: 2011