"Whose Side Are You On?" (Kenny Hopkins, Charley Williams) 
"Midnight In Memphis" (Tony Johnson) 
Concert Monologue - 
"When a Man Loves a Woman" (Calvin Lewis, Andrew Wright) 
"Sold My Soul To Rock 'N' Roll" (Gene Pistilli) 
"Keep On Rockin'" (Sammy Hagar, John Carter) 

"Love Me With A Feeling" (Hudson Whittaker) 
"Camellia" (Steve Hunter) 
Homecoming Monologue 
"Stay with Me" (Jerry Ragovoy, George David Weiss) 
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" (Beth Slater Whitson, Leo Friedman) 
"The Rose" (Studio recording - album version) (Amanda McBroom)


Bette Midler - lead vocals

The Rose Concert Band

Danny Weis - guitar
David Campbell - string arrangements
Steve Hunter - guitar
Mark Leonard - bass guitar
Robbie Buchanan - keyboards
Pentti "Whitey" Glan - drums
Norton Buffalo - harmonica & trombone, backing vocals
Jerry Jumonville - saxophone
Mark Underwood - trumpet
Bill Champlin - background vocals
Donny Gerrard - background vocals

Credits Continued
Paul A. Rothchild - Record Producer, Musical arranger, remixing
William Gazecki - sound engineer, Associate Producer, remixing
Bob Leonard - engineer
Roger Mayer - engineer
Stuart Taylor - engineer
John Neal - engineer
Ed Lever - engineer
Recorded by: The Enactron Truck
SMPTE Code Processing by: Canyon Recorders
Remixed at Elektra Sound Recorders by Bill Gazecki, Paul A. Rothchild
Concerts recorded live during June & July 1978
Stephen Innocenzi - remastering (1995 reissue)

Karen, Bette and Steve at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night, March 14th 2011 photo by Vanessa Gamboa


​Main Photo By Alessandra Tootsie Tulli

Bette Midler 'The Rose'  Movie And Soundtrack

The Rose is the soundtrack to the feature film of the same name starring Bette Midler which was released in 1979. Midler performs all the songs on the album, with the exception of the instrumental "Camellia". Apart from the title track, the soundtrack was entirely recorded live and also features concert monologues, with Midler portraying the character The Rose, loosely based on legendary blues singer Janis Joplin. The soundtrack was produced by Paul A. Rothchild, who in fact also had worked with Joplin on what was to become her final album before her death in 1970, entitled Pearl and released posthumously. Midler's portrayal of The Rose, which was her acting debut, earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in 1980 and became the start of her career in movies.

The Rose was one of the few shows Steve did where he had to audition for the job. He has fond memories of  Bette Midler and making her laugh. He recalls there were times when she would get on set with a troubled look but that once he made her laugh her face lit up.

He has a huge respect for her and is very proud to have been part of this movie and recording. 

​During the filming Steve started writing a new piece of music which would eventually be called 'Camellia'.  Whilst working on it during a lunch break, members of the band started joining in with him until everybody was playing it, even the horn section. Paul Rothschild the movie Producer walked in as they were playing and asked what the piece was, he loved it. That is how 'Camellia' ended up being in the movie.  ​ 

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