Road Rats (Audio) second solo

Lace and Whiskey is the tenth studio album by Alice Cooper, released in May 1977.

“King of the Silver Screen” tour, in support of this album, featured a stage set designed as a giant TV, with its slitted screen allowing Cooper and his dancers to jump into and out of it along to filmed choreographed sequences during songs, and had comedic mock commercials screened in between some songs. The tour only ran in the US and Canada, throughout the summers of 1977 and 1978 (renamed the ”School’s Out for Summer” tour in 1978)

My God (Audio) solo?

Track listing

1. "It’s Hot Tonight"   (solo)  
2. "Lace and Whiskey"     
3. "Road Rats"   (Pedal Steel) 
4. "Damned If You Do" (Pedal Steel) 

5. "You and Me"   

1. "King of the Silver Screen"     
2. "Ubangi Stomp"   Charles Underwood 
3. "(No More) Love at Your Convenience"     
4. "I Never Wrote Those Songs"     
5. "My God"   (solo) 


Alice Cooper - vocals
Dick Wagner - guitar, vocals
Steve Hunter - guitar
Bob Babbitt - bass
Tony Levin - bass
Prakash John - bass
Allan Schwartzberg - drums
Jim Gordon - drums
Jimmy Maelen - percussion
Josef Chirowski - keyboards
Bob Ezrin - keyboards

​April 29, 1977
Recorded Soundstage, Toronto; Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles; Record Plant, New York; RCA, Los Angeles and Producer's Workshop, Los Angeles

Label: Warner Bros.
Producer: Bob Ezrin

Damed If You Do (Audio) Pedal Steel solo

Alice Cooper Lace And Whisky 1977

​Main Photo By Alessandra Tootsie Tulli

It's Hot Tonight (Audio) solo? 

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