TV and Films

Films and Film Scoring
• "The Rose" - Composed "Camelia"- instrumental performed by the Rose Band, included  on "The Rose" soundtrack album. 

• "Stella" - Song "The Idler" used in film.

• "Flashback" - Songs "The Idler" and "Pig Jam" used in film.

• "Meatballs 4" - Score.

• "The Wedding Band" - Scoring, co-arranged and co-produced songs for the band      portrayal. IRS Films.
?• "The Moviemaker" - Scoring, co-wrote songs. Independent film.

• "Shakes, The Clown" - Incidental music; IRS Films. Written and directed by Bobcat    Goldthwaite.

• "Ski School" - Scoring and incidental music; title and end song; Moviestore    Entertainment film.

• "The Invisible Kid" - Scoring and co-wrote end credit song, Independent film.

• "Dead Weekend" - Scoring. 

• "Berlin live" - Lou Reed - DVD 2008. 

• "Lollapalooza live 2009" - Lou Reed - DVD 2011.

Films: Acting

• "The Rose" - Principal character; starred Bette Midler.
• "The Idolmaker" - Bit part; starred Ray Sharkey.
• "Welcome To My Nightmare" - Alice Cooper Live Concert.
• "Meatloaf" - Live European Video.
• "Circuitry Man" - Bit part.
    Blame It On The Night 1984

 • "Midnight Special" - Alice Cooper, Host.?• "The Tonight Show" - Alice Cooper.?• "Rock Concert" - Rob Grill Artist?• "Jay Leno" - Alice Cooper (September 9th 2011)


Little Bob

Steve did a short tour with Little Bob in France 

The Chambers Brothers

Steve toured with The Chambers Brothers in 1972, they covered the East Coast then Florida where he first met Dick Wagner at The Flying Machine Club. Later they went on to San Francisco and LA where they played The Whisky. As far as we know, there are no photographs and there is no footage of this time. He loved working with them but had to leave when he got the session for Lou Reed 'Berlin' album in London. It was during this period that Steve started playing an early version of 'Intro'. 


  • Mitch Ryder's Detroit 1971
  • ​Chambers Brothers 1972
  • Lou Reed, 1973 Rock and Roll Animal
  • Alice Cooper, 1975 Welcome to my Nightmare Tour​
  • Peter Gabriel, 1977 1st Solo World Tour
  • Alice Cooper, 1977 King Of The Silver Screen (Lace And Whisky)
  • Alice Cooper, 1979 Madhouse Rock Tour (From The Inside)
  • MeatLoaf, 1982 MeatLoaf European Tour
  • Night of the Guitars, 1988-1989 European Tour
  • Little Bob (France) 1989
  • Tracy Chapman, Lillith Fair 1997, Telling Stories Tour 2000 Tour 
  • Tracy Chapman, 1998 Amnesty International
  • Mitch Ryder, 2005 German Tour
  • Lou Reed, 2007/2008 Berlin Live Tour
  • Alice Cooper, 2011 No More Mr Nice Guy​​ Tour


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