This was Steve's first major tour although it was pretty basic, certainly no personal airplanes at this time.

It would have been pretty much a run of the mill set of shows but on December 21st 1973 two shows were recorded and those two shows went down in Rock and Roll History. Sadly there is very little footage and very few photographs to be found. 

Steve used a Les Paul TV Special through a 100w Hi Watt Amp. 

Here is a section from a'Berlin' Blogspot: (creator unknown) 

11.26.1973:  New York rehearsals with new recruit Prakash John (George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelic) on rumbling funky bass for two days. Plans are provisionally in place to professionally record a show using the Record Plant Remote Recording Truck less than a month later. The day that everyone had been working towards arrived and the two shows on 1973.12.21 at Howard Stein's Academy of Music, New York were both recorded. The Sound engineer Dinky Dawson brought the entire Dawson Sound crew and the full Acoustic Suspension System with vocal PA to the gig. The results in the hall were fantastic but there were management issues. Dinky held up the second show until Howard Stein, the promoter at the Academy, paid Dawson Sound for their services. Stein thought he was bluffing and tried to open the curtains. The band played, but there was no amplification. As Lou came up to the mic, it became evident there was no sound. He was not pleased. The required cash was accepted. The mics were turned on and all was well. Most of the audience assumed it was just equipment malfunction. The gig was subsequently released as Rock n Roll Animal & Lou Reed Live.

Lou Reed 'Rock 'N' Roll Animal' 1973 Tour

Tour 1973

Lou Reed - vocals
Steve Hunter - guitar
Dick Wagner - guitar 
Ray Colcord - Keyboards
Peter Walsh - bass
Prakash John - bass
Pentti (Whitey) Glan - drums

06.22 - 07.17 Morgan Studios, London
 "Berlin" album sessions.
08.27 - 31 Lenox MA Rehearsals 
09.01 Music Inn, Lenox MA 
09.09 Scheeßel Festival 
09.13 Manticore Cinema, London rehearsal
09.15 Crystal Palace, London
09.17 L'Olympia, Paris                 
09.19 Falkoner Teatret, København
09.20 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam                                       
09.22 Marni Hall, Bruxelles       
09.24 Apollo Theatre, Glasgow                                             
09.25 Palace Theatre, Manchester  Short set as Lou is unfit   
09.26 Gaumont Theatre, Southampton                                  
09.27 De Montfort Hall, Leicester                                         
09.28 Empire Theatre, Liverpool                                           
09.29 Oval Hall, Sheffield                                                      
09.30 City Hall, Newcastle                                                   
10.03 Odeon, Birmingham                                                    
10.05 Rainbow Theatre, London                                         
10.06 Rainbow Theatre, London                                          
11.26 N.Y. Rehearsal
11.27 N.Y. Rehearsal 
11.29 Massey Hall, Toronto                   
12.00 In New York Bettye Kronstad sues for divorce
12.01 Civic Theatre Akron OH
12.06 Springfield MA 
12.07 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia PA 
12.08 Century Theatre, Buffalo NY
12.14 Palace Concert Theatre, Providence RI
12.16 Kennedy Center, Washington DC
12.19 Orpheum, Boston MA
12.21 Academy Of Music, New York NY     2 shows
Professionally recorded. Released as Rock n Roll Animal & Lou Reed Live.

Set List

Intro / Sweet Jane
How Do You Think It Feels
Caroline Says 1
I'm Waiting For The Man
Lady Day
Satellite Of Love
Walk On The Wild Side
Oh, Jim
Sad Song
White Light / White Heat
Encore: Rock And Roll

12.22 Chicago IL
12.26 Richards, Atlanta GA

Photo By Gijsbert Hanekroot

Main Photo By Mark Maryanovich

Photo By Gijsbert Hanekroot