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Swept Away

Sail On Sailer

8 Miles High

​Main Photo By Alessandra Tootsie Tulli


Swept Away was released on the Atco Records label (Atlantic Records) in 1977, after Jerry Greenburg, the President of Atlantic approached Steve about doing a solo album and Steve asked Bob Ezrin to produce it which he did with Brian Christian. Difficult to find. 

Swept Away

Side one

"Eight Miles High" (Gene Clark, James McGuinn, David Crosby)

"Eldorado Street" (Hunter)

"Goin' Down" (traditional/Don Nix, arranged by Steve Hunter)

"Rubber Man" (Hunter)

"Of All the Times to Leave" (Hunter)

Side two

"Jasper St. Viaduct Gitar Rag" (Hunter)

"Sail On Sailor" (Jack Riely, Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson)

"Swept Away" (Hunter)

"Sea Sonata" (Hunter)

"Deep Blue" (Hunter)



Steve Hunter - all guitars, vocals

Prakash John - bass

Jim Gordon - drums

Bob Ezrin - keyboards, percussion, vocals, producer

Also With:

Jim Maelen - percussion

Jozef Chirowski - Fender Rhodes on "Eldorado Street"

Dr. C. Ezrin M.D. F.R.C.P. (C) F.A.C.P. professor of medicine, University of Toronto - upright bass

Carol Pope, Joanne Brooks and Tony D'Amico - vocals

Don Punchatz - cover illustration

Don Exeley - back cover photo

Lynn Breslin, Bob Defrin - art direction