Main Photo By Mark Maryanovich

Baby Taylor

Gretsch Country Gentleman

Please note: Steve does not collect expensive vintage guitars but each one he does own is listed for insurance with it's model and serial number. 

Godin (Multiac Nylon SA) 

Gretsch Acoustic

Gretsch Black Falcon

​​​The Lou Pallo Les Paul was already retro’d to look old when Steve bought it from Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper) 

Shown in the amp and pedal gallery below is an Ampex tube pre amp (back and front view) that came from an old Ampex tape recorder, this pre amp gives a huge amount of warmth to whatever goes through it including guitars and vocals. Steve calls it Uncle George after his Beatles producer hero George Martin. 

Above is the Supro lap steel given to Steve by his father. He uses this on as many recordings as he can as he loves its tone so much and it still has the original strings and lead on it. 

He thinks it is about 58 years old. 

Gretsch Rancher

Gretsch Barrtitone

Supro Black Magick


Jason Becker's Harp Guitar, A Gift From Jason To Steve 2016

Taylor Acoustic

Guild 12 String

Nash Guitar

“To be is to do” Socrates “To do is to be” Jean-Paul Sartre “Do be do be do” Frank Sinatra

Steve calls the Midnight Blue Gretsch 'Lady Day', it was a stock factory special run for the Asian market G6128T solid body Duo Jet.
Normally it had a chambered mahogany back with a 3 ply maple top. But, this guitar is a non chambered version with a maple 'slab' top.
It was originally black but was re finished with Steve's choice of color by Curt Wilson @Old School Guitars for Gretsch. Curt also replaced the stock frets with stainless steel frets plus he fitted Custom Shop Seymour Duncan Pickups. 

Black Gretsch Custom Shop Duo Jet

Gretsch Ukulele


Fender Squire

Fender Squire

Fender Jeff Beck Strat

Lake Placid Blue Gretsch Custom Shop Duo Jet

Apologies to phone viewers, the captions are not in correct order

Fender Tele

Fender P Bass

Gretsch Resonator

Gretsch White Falcon


Surf Green Gretsch Custom Shop Duo Jet

Pedals, Pickups, Strings & Amplifiers

Seymour Duncan Pickups (Endorsed)
Pete Cornish SS3 distortion pedal (given to Steve as a gift from Lou Reed)
Pete Cornish G2
Fulltone OCD 2 Obsessive/Compulsive Distortion pedal and others
Pigtronix Effects Pedals (Endorsed)

Godin Triggering synth (Endorsed)
Strymon Pedals
TC Electronics Pedals
Wampler Pedals

MXR  Dyna Com
2 Fender 65 re issue Twin’s

Marshall JVM Head

Gretsch Electromatic
Supro Duel Tone

Supro Black Magick

Falcon Tone King
Rotosound Strings (Endorsed)
Oahu Amp (possibly from the 40's)

Recording Equipment

Studio Speakers KRK VXT6 plus sub woofer
Mac Mini quad - Mac Mini duel
Pro Tools LE 11
Reason 6.0 plus Record and Recycle
Miktek CV4 plus others