Credit Photographer Mark Maryanovich

"I'd like to live like a poor man, only with lots of money"  Pablo Picasso



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Regarding Book Interviews

Steve has stopped doing book interviews for free, it's difficult for him to read questions and difficult to write answers. What would take a sighted person an hour takes him a day.

You can get a book interview for $500 paid via Paypal providing your questions are pre approved. (Note) If you wish to dish any dirt on an artist he has worked with please do not ask. 

Main Photo By Mark Maryanovich

Credit Photographer Mark Maryanovich

Credit Photographer Mark Maryanovich


Spotify and iTunes both have albums under Steve's name that are from the Australian JAZZ Bass Player Steve Hunter.

Be sure you are looking at the correct Steve Hunter items.


The Steve Hunter Fan Club

A place to support Guitar Player Steve Hunter's new CD 'Before The Lights Go Out'
Reserve a pre release download of the album now! Due out late summer 2017.

You can also have your name on the CD credits,  get a signed CD or check out some of the other rewards.   Shipping is included on all items.

Why This Album Title?

This CD could possibly be Steve's last (self recorded) solo album. He is going blind with Pigmentary Glaucoma, which means that eventually he will not be able to use the complex music program he currently uses to record. He will have to retire from making his own music but will still be able to play guitar and do sessions.

He aims to keep composing and recording in his studio for as long as his remaining eyesight will allow. He has also started writing a book. 

​You can read monthly articles by Steve about his past sessions in Guitar Player Magazine.